" formerly known as Uniutama Management Holdings Sdn. Bhd."

Vision & Mission


 Becoming a Leader in Strategic Business in the Region by 2025 

To continue the momentum of our achievements, various businesses have been explored and will be implemented in alignment with UUM HOLDINGS determination to move forward and become the primary leader in business and trade in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia.

In general, all the business sectors explored by UUM HOLDINGS have the potential for development and can lead to high short-term returns for the company. The businesses operated by UUM HOLDINGS belong to a category with continuous market demand, enabling the company to remain relevant and sustainable in the long run.

Therefore, in the upcoming development phase, UUM HOLDINGS will double its efforts to enhance the production capabilities and quality of existing services, making the entire organization more competitive. Additionally, UUM HOLDINGS aims to expand all existing products and services into new, dynamic, and profitable markets, in line with UUM HOLDINGS aspiration to answer the call to become a stable and respected corporate organization, both locally and internationally.


 Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Dynamic and Innovative Operations 

A stable and respected organization that leads strategic businesses should be able to demonstrate a high commitment to efforts aimed at providing high customer satisfaction because it is undeniable that customers are the primary source of a company’s revenue.

In line with the ever-changing desires and needs of customers, these efforts should be developed dynamically (continuously) and innovatively, supported by effective UMHSB organizational members, systems, and delivery methods as a whole, making them more efficient and aligned with targeted objectives.