" formerly known as Uniutama Management Holdings Sdn. Bhd."


The robusta coffee plant and eggplant plant project is an agricultural project undertaken under the subsidiary of UUM Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Uniutama Management Holdings Sdn Bhd.), which is UUM Property (formerly known as UPSB). UUM Property through its owned subsidiary Sintok Agro has started planting since the end of july 2023. Planting for only 3 months has yielded results and has already been marketed for the eggplant plant, while for the Robusta Coffee Seedling plant it has shown that the growth and maturity of the seedlings is increasing.

The marketing of the early harvest of eggplants has started to be marketed through middlemen with Sintok Agro providing harvest delivery services to suppliers.

Irrigation System

Fertigation is taken from the combination of two words, namely fertilizer and irrigation. Fertilizer means fertilizer, and irrigation means drainage. The main feature in the fertigation system is the distribution of fertilizer in liquid form which is flowed to each tree along with water through the pipe system.

Pipe system in the part of the fertilizer water mixture tankThe fertilizer-water mixture is stored in the tank, flowed according to the time and duration set with the help of an electric pump that is controlled using a timer. The time and duration of fertilizing depends on several factors, among them, the type of plant, the age of the plant, and weather conditions.

The design of the pipe system depends on the number of trees and the shape of the plant site. The design of a good pipe system is important to ensure that the fertilizer water can be distributed evenly to each tree. Only then does each tree get the same amount of nutrients. If the design is wrong, it may result in uneven tree growth.

A dripper is used at the end of the irrigation system where water will be dripped into each polybag with a controlled drip rate.Fertilizers supplied to trees are different according to the type of tree. For example, fertilizer for Robusta Coffee plants is not the same as fertilizer for Eggplant Plants. Physically it looks the same, but the nutrient content in it is different.


Corporate UUM HOLDINGS 5 November 2023