Mohd Zuhri invited UUM students to think 10 years into the future!

SINTOK: Member of the Board of Directors of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Mohd Zuhri Abdullah invited UUM student leaders to think about plans for the next 10 years.

Sharing tips and experiences when inaugurating the Organizational Management Course (KPO) of the Student Body Session 2023/2024, he expected student leaders to plan to achieve their goals within 10 years.

Mohd Zuhri shared the concept he practiced which is ‘Malaysia & I, 10 Years From Now’ where he always plans his life and strives to achieve what he has planned.
“You all need to have a goal in life, not just chasing wealth. If you don’t pursue wealth but have a clear goal, wealth will come to you,” he said.

Mohd Zuhri also hopes that the students will always be far-sighted in doing something to produce a generation of quality leaders in the future.

The Organizational Management Course (KPO) is a platform for imparting knowledge and training to new student body leaders as well as providing initial exposure in the context of organizational management.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mohd Foad Sakdan said, workshops like this are very necessary, especially at the university level to give space to students to develop their talent and potential so that the highlights are not only highlighted at the university level but also at the national level.

“I am confident that with a workshop like this, the students of this university will be guided with clearer goals and vision so that the leadership talent of UUM students will be more evident at the national level.

“I also hope that students will be able to apply the concepts of vision, integrity and value in themselves and the successful initiatives will be able to boost the name of UUM on the world stage,” he said at the Tan Sri Othman Hall, last Friday.

Mr. Zuhri, in addition to being a member of the board of directors of the University of North Malaysia, he is also the chairman of the board of directors of Uniutama Management Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Also present, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) and Chairman of the Implementation Committee for the Organizational Management Course (KPO) Student Body Session 2023/2024, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Martadha Mohamed. – Nor Erna Jaslia Mohamad Adam (Student Trainee from SMMTC)

NOVEMBER 11, 2023